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Terms & Conditions

By using Ayers Repairs services, you agree to my terms and conditions

All my repair work comes with a 3-month warranty.

Before any work is commenced I will do a full check/inspection of your console to make sure everything works ok and if I find any additional issues other than your nominated issue no work will be commenced until I have discussed these issues with you and if you choose not to have the extra issues fixed Ayers Repairs can't be held liable for these extra issues once the Console has been returned.

With Console HDMI port replacement, I am very limited to what I can test because there will be no picture hence I can't test every aspect of the console. Once the HDMI port has been replaced and I commence to test the console in some instances I may find extra problems that I couldn't beforehand. In this case I will give you a quote price for the problems to be fixed additional to the HDMI port Replacement cost.

All consoles will have my Custom Holographic Security Seals placed over the Security Screws and if these are removed or damaged in any way the warranty from Ayers Repairs will be void.

All HDMI port replacements will come with the same 3 Month warranty and If they happen to stop working I will replace them free of charge unless I deem the port to be damaged by the customer by using excessive force while putting in/taking out the HDMI cable or by any rough behaviour.
In addition if you purchase a HDMI port repair and don't buy a full clean plus Thermal Grizzly liquid Replacement and the console starts to overheat/shutdown Ayers repairs can not be held liable for this and the 3 month warranty will not apply in this circumstance.

All HDMI Port Replacement costs quoted on my Website are for straight HDMI Replacement with no damage. If I open up the console and remove the HDMI port and find damage to the traces the Cost of HDMI Port replacement will Start at $230 for a 1 Trace Repair and $40 extra for each subsequent trace repair.

If you select the PlayStation 5 (PS5) Full clean service for $80 and don't also select the "Liquid metal thermal compound replacement service for an additional $20 and placing the console Horizontal" (Extra cost on top of the clean service not required but RECOMMENDED) and the console overheats Ayers Repairs Can't be held liable for this and the 3-month Warranty will be void.

I am just like any other Registered Business and I will Not tolerate Clients giving me deadlines or making demands with time frames to be fixed. I will let you know how long I think it will take to be fixed and, in some circumstances, it may take a little longer if any unexpected things are to happen and I will keep you updated through the process.

I will not tolerate any abuse from customers.

While I strive for 100% customer satisfaction some repair work involves me working around sensitive parts of the console and in some rare circumstances/instances some extra problems or issues may occur. If this scenario happens I will do everything I can to try and work out a reasonable outcome/resolution with the customer and keep them happy.